Sunday, October 4, 2015

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

My reflection.

My goal was to improve in my maths.
This past term I have definitely improved in my maths.
Maths was one of the things that I've worked harder on.
For example- when we changed subjects for maths, I went up a group so I'm very proud of that.

Te Reo assessment

Sunday, August 2, 2015

Excuses by Mya

Mya just got home and doesn't fell like doing anything.

" Hi "said Mum as Mya walked through the door
" Could you please do your homework?"
" Ohh I'm pretty sure Monty tore it to shreds " exclaimed Mya.
" If you won't there is a roll of Sellotape in the pantry " shouted mum from the Other end of the house.
" I used the tape for one of my project a couple of weeks ago" , while Mya tried to hide the tape in the drawers of the kitchen.
As Mum walked up to the kitchen she saw a clear roll and guess what it was , the tape.
" look what I've found !" Said Mum in a angry way.
" I guess your going to make up another excuse " Mum replied.
" Yep, just let me think ."

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Runaway robot rampage

I had just finished inventing my new creation,I call it Moto the robo.
Robo is short for robot.
It looked around with curiosity like a dog without a bone.
It was made for mowing so I could get some more pocket money for my new gps.
I activated my Moto Robo But there was a miscalculation, I,had forgot to screw In a bolt to tell moto what grass was but it was to late.
I had already activated my Moto.
So I went back to my shed to watch and learn.
All of a sudden I heard a large scream in the distance. So I left to see what all the racket was.
" ahh" my sons hair hasn't been cut this good since his sweet sixteen. But on the other Side of the Road it was a different story.
The Moto had jeopardised the Brownies family.
They had kicked it and that made the Moto the Robo malfunction, by banging against the wall and cutting anything in his way.
Until I ran up at full speed like the wind, and turned it off completely.
After that I returned back home and started to mow the lawns.
It was going to be a long day.
By Mya.😉